Totally Free CD Ripper

Totally Free CD Ripper

A very easy-to-use tool to rip and re-encode your audio CDs
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Totally Free CD Ripper is a straightforward and efficient tool to rip your audio CDs and convert their tracks into some of the most popular audio codecs (MP3, OGG, FLAC, APE and WAV). The program will detect all your drives and will allow you to select any of them, including the IVI virtual drive, if you have one installed.

Totally Free CD Ripper offers you the possibility of making a straight rip of any audio CD, using the WAV format to leave the audio files uncompressed. Alternatively, you can use any of the other four built-in codecs to both rip and encode your music in just one go. The program includes two of the most popular lossy codecs (MP3 and OGG) and two well-known lossless compression codecs, FLAC and APE. The program does not include the option of customizing the compression ratio or the sampling rate, and therefore all the resulting MP3 files are encoded at 128 kb/s, while the OGG files are always encoded at 192 kb/s. When it comes to FLAC and APE files, the compression rate is not that important, as both of them preserve the original quality of the WAV file regarding of the level of compression applied.

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  • Simplicity of use for unexperienced users


  • Fixed compression rate
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